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Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men in 2019

Thomas Carlyle Ford, widely known as Tom Ford, is a famous American film director and fashion designer. He had been trained initially as an architect at the Parsons School of Design.

He spent years of internship in a fashion house abroad. It was then that time when he developed passion and feel in the fashion industry. He discovered personal charm in his job pursuit in the fashion industry.

He managed to fulfill different roles and jobs in the industry. As expected, through the years of hard work, he was able to make a name and turn it so big that the whole world now recognizes him.

Tom Ford is known for his stylish and sophisticated hands, be it for films, fashion, and cologne. Though numerous designers have established their own presence successfully in the realm of fragrances, only a few have created impacts in just a short period.

It was almost instantaneous that Tom Ford’s exclusive fragrance collection became as great as his wardrobe, and is equally uncompromising and luxurious.

The Tom Ford Cologne indeed depicts unrivaled quality, exclusivity, and of course, unmatched great scent. If you are also after these attributes, you better check out on the best Tom Ford Cologne available these days and make sure to make the perfect pick.

Tom Ford Fragrances: A Short History

The primary scent as part of Tom Ford collection in 2006 was introduced when the Black Orchid was launched. This is a fragrance that was made for ladies, but surprisingly, it developed about 30% following among men.

Barely 10 years after, the perfectly dressed Texan presently has more than 40 transcendently genderless individuals, Eau de Parfum, under his name.

Many were shocked that the perfume was one of the first appropriate solo ventures of Ford (his very first collection of menswear did not come until one year later, in 2007).

Yet, it ended up being a truly inspired move and one that uncovered his veritable love of fine art. He even self-proclaimed once during one of his interviews that, for him, cologne is more essential than clothes.

A great part of the success of his top-rated fragrances like Noir and Oud Wood and Black Orchid descends to their absolute quality. According to the author of The Chic Geeks, they are powerful, distinctive and are made to last.

The way that Tom Ford has never been hesitant to play with surprising mixes is significant, whether that is combining raspberry with Tuscan Leather, or perhaps the smoky oud wood combined with the salty ocean accord, as he actually did for the Oud Minérale.

The key ingredient in his men’s fragrances, however, is Tom Ford’s exclusive designer DNA. It’s not vanilla or vetiver. It has been said that he is the supreme ace of seduction and truly comprehends the sex appeal and attraction of fragrance.

Best Smelling Tom Ford Colognes for Men Unveiled

The best Tom Ford for men is not just a great smell but longer-lasting as well. The staying power of the Ford cologne scent is genuinely incredible. The following are the best Tom Ford cologne that men should have:

Tom Ford for Men

Tom Ford Cologne For Men 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray

This was the very first cologne successfully launched under the Tom Ford line, and exactly the product that hurled him in the industry of fragrance. The cologne was warmly welcomed and accepted all through the world, mainly because of its subtle mix of a modern and classic touch.

It’s a sensual and well-refined scent characterized by the newest Mediterranean citrus smell. Furthermore, Tom Ford for Men is infused with the smell of deep greens, ginger, and grapefruit.

The fragrance conveys a solid aroma of leatherwood and amber. It is a perfect cologne capable of providing you the feeling of manliness. This is a great advantage, especially if you are going out on a date.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford Grey Vetïver Cologne For Men

This Tom Ford fragrance is intended to uncover your masculinity. It includes some degree of class and modernity in you. The fragrance of this Tom Ford men’s cologne is actually based on the Vetiver. This is extracted by applying innovative and smart techniques and strategies. The Grey Vetiver is also noted for its smell, on account of the powerful ingredients that this men’s cologne contains.

The topmost layer of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver scent has actually two major components- aromatic sage and grapefruit, and this portion is balanced well by warm woods joined by other components of orris, pimiento, and nutmeg. The base layer contains oakmoss and amber woods. The greener impression of the cologne is attributed to these two.

Tom Ford Extreme

Extreme Edt Spray 1.7 Oz for Men

It feels extraordinary to be informed that you smell lovely. In spite of the fact that this may not be a typical event, a few fragrances can help you this occurrence, and one of these is through the Tom Ford Extreme, which is likewise a member of the Tom Ford product line.

This Tom Ford men’s cologne delivers a scent that you cannot resist, and this is made possible by certain elements like Italian fig, vintage patchouli, decadent black, cedarwood, and Persian lemon. The perfume’s base contains caramel, Vieux, Haitian Vetiver, truffle, fig, amber, and balsam.

Chamomile, on the other hand, along with Thai basil, Persian lemon, Corian, cinnamon bark, and cardamom, make up the scent’s highest layer.

The ingredients found in the center note incorporate Parma violet, cedarwood Atlas, saffron, black plum, thyme, and sandalwood. A blend of these important elements results in an ideal scent that any man will adore.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne For Men

This is also one of the best Tom Ford cologne for men widely recognized for its highly fascinating scent. This is packed with the freshest ingredients, including leather amber, blooming jasmine, black suede, thyme, and saffron. Raspberry elements added to are responsible for providing some level of sensual touch and sophistication. This unique perfume for men is the product of Tom Ford’s love for leather.

Tom Ford Noir de Noir

Tom Ford Private Blend Noir De Noir

An Asiatic aromatic perfume, the Noir de Noir gives a man a great deal of new confidence and energy. The absolute notes included in it are dark truffle, woven saffron, and black rose.

The main ingredients attributed to the said notes are the combination of tree moss, wood, patchouli, and vanilla. The fragrance is perfect for men who might want to have a sensual and calm scent.

Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Tom Ford Private Blend Champaca Absolute 1.7 oz  50ml New

The scent in Absolute evokes a feeling of charm and appeal among men. The aroma’s structure and building block honey scent that is braced by other notes such as vanilla beans, labdanum, rich wood, African incense, and pure amber.

Through this scent, it aims to uncover Tom Ford’s creative part of life, particularly with regards to delivering high-caliber and alluring items. This is obvious in the cologne’s packaging container.

It’s a state-of-the-art container that has undergone excellent craftsmanship. You will undoubtedly love the unique structural outlook and seek designs. You will not just enjoy the fragrance of this Tom Ford men’s cologne but will also be amazed by the outer countenance.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

The numerous Tom Ford perfumes reviews and these are enough for you to be familiar with this fragrance. Customers consider this as one of the best Tom Ford cologne for men. This has soft notes providing enough fragrance without really outshining your manly presence.

The bottle is also worth captivating. Men’s attention and interest are captivated by the cologne’s bottle. This is an excellent bet for a laid back, and cool type of men as this will achieve its goals soundlessly.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Unisex EDP 50 ml by Tom Ford

This perfume for men attempts to unite the components of traditional and modern men. The topmost layer of the scent is packed with notes of sweet-smelling tobacco leaf and spice. The center layer contains tobacco flower notes, creamy Tonka beans, and cocoa. The base layer includes notes of wood sap and fruits.

Tom Ford Italian Cypress

tom ford italian cypress

The Tom Ford Italian Cypress has a fragrance that was deliberately made for Tom Ford line. The scent is characterized by specific components of innovative and modern and traditional ingredients. It has high notes of bergamot, mandarin, clove, spearmint, geranium, rockrose, cypress, basil, and moss.

The most significant contribution of Tom Ford in the industry of fashion can’t be overlooked. The colognes mentioned above are the best Tom Ford cologne for men. These colognes are among the best smelling colognes under the Tom Ford brand. However, you will notice that different colognes actually have different notes. You have the freedom to choose which one best suits your own preference and style.

Tom Ford Black Orchid


Black Orchid is also a great cologne for men. But the truth is, this cologne can also be used by women. Would you like to grab the attention of a particular room? This Tom Ford cologne for men is the right solution for you. It is overwhelming with the finest fruit fragrance that is balanced with sultry woods’ medium notes.

The two ingredients enhance the natural components of the cologne or perfume. It is a lavish cologne with some sensual touch that captivates everybody’s attention.

These are the best Tom Ford Cologne that will surely win the heart of not just men but also women since the latter love sweet smelling men.

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