Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2019

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2019

Every people craves the feeling of smelling good, so they invest in fragrant perfumes. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to smell great. Smelling good attracts people, and you gain this particular type of confidence.

That’s why companies have been established to create their own perfume brand. In the past, one company has maintained to be the top producer of high-quality perfume. Any individual that uses their perfume would instantly feel the glamor and vibe of a model.

Victoria’s Secret is a company that designs and manufactures women’s wear, lingerie, and beauty product. They are also known for creating some of the dazzling and fragrant perfumes ever. They have hundreds of collections to choose from, all with high-quality fragrance, that you’ll find yourself in a struggle to decide which one is the best.

Fortunately for you, we narrowed down the number of the best Victoria’s Secret fragrance this 2019. Surely from this selection, it will be easier for you to select the best smelling Victoria secret scent. You never know, maybe some of the perfumes from this selection will be perfect for you. Now, sit back and discover the magic fragrances of Victoria’s Secret.

Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Bombshell Victoria's Secret 1.7 oz EDP Spray for Women

Victoria’s secret most popular fragrance is the Bombshell Eau de Parfum. This is known to have a distinctive fruity floral scent. Aside from that, this perfume also contains the combination of vanilla orchid, Shangri-La peony, and Purple passion fruit to give the best of fragrance. This perfume utilizes the magic combination of fruits and flowers as the main ingredient that is very much suited to people of all ages.

It has a fragrance that is not so overpowering and pretty much not disturbing to the nose. Women who love to embrace sexiness and femininity may find it through the Bombshell Eau de Parfum. Spray some of this, and you’ll see both men and women turning their heads to have a second sniff and give you the greatest of compliments. It can be used for all occasions, whether day or night.

Heavenly Eau de Parfum

Victòria's Sëcret Heavėnly Perfumë For Women 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum

Ever wonder what the fragrance that an angel has? With the Heavenly Eau de Parfum, you can radiate and smell like one if you spray this perfume of you. One of the top Victoria’s secret perfume. This perfume was crafted using white peony, vanilla, white musk, and sandalwood, thus resulting in a truly heavenly scent.

The Heavenly Eau de Parfum brings this sophisticated fragrance to its user. This is definitely suited for older women but can also be used by young women with mature tastes. It contains a scent with great balance, part fruity, and part floral. A pleasant fragrance that will take those who smell into hypnosis. This perfume tends to last long for hours for everybody to enjoy.

Sexy Little Things Noir Tease

Victòria's Sëcret Sėxy Littlė Thíngs Nóir Teäse Perfumë For Women 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray + FREE Shower Gel

A great part of the sexy little things collection of Victoria’s secret is the Noir Tease. The Noir Tease perfumes give this scent that means playfulness, flirting, and more. The juicy top notes of this perfume were derived from fruits such as apple, pear, and orange.

The heart notes, on the other hand, were taken from jasmine gardenias, magnolia, and freesia. But the list is not yet done. From the center to the base of this perfume are the inconspicuous fragrance note of amber, praline, and vanilla, with a twist of sandalwood.

The Noir Tease contains a smooth sillage when sprayed, but it tends to hang on for a long duration. A definite perfume to spray for young ladies looking for a spark in their love life. A total head-turner among Victoria’s secret perfume collection.

Dream Angels Divine Perfume

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Divine Fragrance Mist 8.4 Ounce Spray Retired Fragrance

This Victoria’s secret perfume gives off a warm and light sensuous fragrance. It is an alluring and attractive sense made from the most interesting ingredients. A perfume with moderate levels of sillage, but the scent remains for hours, having medium longevity level. This perfume contains a combination of floral and earthier notes to bring one of the most scented perfume in the collection.

Suitable for various reasons such as summer and spring season, where the sun is out all the time. The notes of this perfume were derived from jasmine, cyclamen, rose, hyacinth, lily, and amber. This perfume applies to women of all ages.

Love Spell Eau de Toilette

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist for Women, Love Spell, 8.4 Ounce

The Love Spell Eau de Toilette is a part of the infamous collection called the “Secret Garden Collection.” The scent of the Love Spell is mainly derived from flowers. It offers a smell the same as flowers and the summer.

It provides a mild fragrance that is pleasant to the nose, and this perfume tends to last longer on its users. If you don’t like strong scents, then the Love Spell Eau de Toilette is a perfect fit for you.

It has notes of peach, white jasmine, and the famous cherry blossom. From these flowers, you can already smell the sweetness that the Love Spell Eau Toilette. Just the name itself, it is ready to capture the hearts of men on a sweet summer morning.

Love Rocks Body Mist

Victoria Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Love Me Scented Body Mist

Have you ever dealt with a fragrance that mixes class with the wild? If not, then you should try it through a spray of the Love Rocks Body Mist. The scent of this perfume generally offers a strong but not overpowering smell of masculinity.

The notes of this perfume range from vanilla, peony, violet, and bergamot. A definite sweet and masculine fragrance in one bottle.

But the Love Rocks is not suitable for all women. We know that women have different tastes, but you if you like it edgy, masculine with class, then the Love Rocks Body mist is perfect for you. The Love Rock Body Mist is also available as a perfume.

Endless Love Fragrance Mist

Victoria's Secret Endless Love

Do you ever want to capture the attention of everyone around you? You can make that possible if you spray this dazzling Victoria’s secret creation, the Endless Love Fragrance Mist. If you want to smell fruity in general, then the Endless Love may give that to you. This perfume also belongs to the “Secret Garden Collection. The Endless Love contains undertones of ylang-ylang, apple blossom, pomegranate, and peach.

Fruity smell that can capture everyone’s attention, and they will want to smell of this irresistible smell. The good thing about the Endless love is that it is dermatologically tested and it can be used every day. However, you must know that this is a mist and not a perfume, so the smell may not last long. No problem as you can spray it and enjoy the scent all over again.

So In Love Eau de Parfum

So In Love By Victoria's Secret

Feel the freshness through this perfume. The So In Love Eau de Parfum is one of the best smelling Victoria’s secret perfume. This is a perfume that can be used by women of every age, young or old. This offers a smell of freshness and summer. The notes of thins perfume came from various ingredients such as violet leaves, rose, jasmine, honey, cognac, and ylang-ylang. The cognac blends well with the honey tone balancing the warmth and sweet scent.

If you want to make your partner fall in love with you more, then spray some of this. It will last longer, enough for your partner to get a good sniff of you. From its name, your partner would be so in love with you through the use of the So In Love Eau de Parfum.

Secret Fantasies Mist Vanilla Lace

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Unwrapped Fragrance Mist

If you are a woman that craves for exotic perfumes, then the Secret Fantasies Mist Vanilla Lace is suited ideally for you. The base note of this perfume contains the awesome smell of vanilla. Thus this is the ingredient that makes it amazing.

From the base, let’s go to the top, the top note of this perfume contains the musk. The musk flirts with the smell of vanilla and in the process creating the most fascinating scent in Victoria’s Secret collection.

It is said that this perfume brings an Asian flair to its user, thus making it exotic. The uniqueness of the scent of this perfume will surely bring men begging for more. A combination of sweetness and buttercream scent.

Wicked Eau de Parfum

Victoria's Secret Wicked Fragrance

Another perfume that brings an edgy feeling to the user, the Wicked Eau de Parfum, is here to bring on the sweetest scent in the collection. If you are a woman that is looking for something new, not on the side of the floral or fruity, then the Wicked Eau de Parfum is your answer.

It has this distinctive sweetness different from the flora and fruity kinds. This perfume has notes of vanilla, freesia, and black sugar for definite sweetness.

The fragrance of the Wicked Eau de Parfum tends to last longer. It is suitable for everyone, with varying ages, even men can use it (if they are up for too much sweetness). But due to its sweetness, you might want it to use it occasionally as it can be overpowering.

Nights Eau de Parfum

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Nights Eau de Parfum

Get ready to experience to feel both warm and sparkling in one perfume with the Nights Eau de Parfum. If you want to stimulate your senses and attract the people around you, then this is the perfect solution to that. The Nights perfume was created to be sensuous, thus alluring every sense on your body. The notes of the Nights are combinations of velvet woods, luscious apple, and black plum to create a fruity yet subtle fragrance.

If you are a mature sensual lady, then you might as well consider adding this in your own collection of perfumes. Since it is a perfume that activates your senses and those around you, why not spray some at night and find out what will happen next.

Scandalous Eau de Parfum

Victòria's Sëcret Scandaloüs Däre Perfumë For Women 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray

One of the best Victoria’s secret scents in the collection is the Scandalous Eau de Parfum. If you are sexy but want to take it up a notch, then don’t hesitate and spritz some of this to your body.

The Scandalous Eau de Parfum gives off this fruity-floral scent that will make you more attractive, sexy, and sensual. The notes of this great perfume are raspberry liqueur, praline, and black peony that can make any woman of all ages smell sexy and alluring.

If you are a lady that walks with confidence, supplement that with the scent of the Scandalous Eau de Parfum. With this, you will be slaying in all aspects, beauty, charm, and scent. Definitely one of the best Victoria’s secret perfume that you should include in your own collection.

Very Sexy Eau de Parfum

Véry Sexy Vïçtorïa’s Sècret Perfumé

The last on the list is the Very Sexy Eau de Parfum. From the name itself, this can give you a scent that is very sexy to the nose. The notes of this perfume are the fusion of vanilla orchid, midnight blackberry, and sun-drenched clementine. It contains a unique spicy fragrance that will definitely give off this hint of sexiness.

A definite keeper for all woman who plays the art of seduction. Considered to be an arousing perfume that you can spray before you settle in bed, looking for action.

These are the lucky 13 best Victoria’s secret perfumes in 2019. With this narrowed down selection, you will be able to choose the perfect perfume that will definitely suit your preferences and desire. As expected of the Victoria’s Secret Company, they manufacture some of the tops of the line perfumes available in the market.

Each perfume in the collection is designed for each specific purpose. Each is designed for particular occasions and times. If you are a woman that has her own collection of perfumes, then keep them growing and select some of the best from this selection. These are the 13 of the best perfumes made by Victoria’s Secret, and they will not fail you as they are made to be high-end. Take your pick and experience the magic of Victoria’s Secret this 2019.

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