Best 5 Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men reviews

Top 5 Best Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men | Reviews 2019

In the designer fragrances world, four decades can be considered as an incredible lifespan. This has been jumping from one generation to the other and has been the favorite charms among men, both young and old.

Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men is even admired and loved by women. Some also refer to this cologne as the quintessential scent of American men. 

What Makes Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men Special?   

The incredible and impressive staying power of the Polo Cologne for men is one of the factors that make this special. The scent also makes this one of the best polo cologne for men. Men can never overlook the magic and power of this very iconic fragrance.    

One of the first important things to take note of is that Polo Cologne is entirely masculine. With its richer leather base notes, patchouli, oakmoss, and tobacco, this cologne for men depict a deep and resounding voice. 

While it is comfortable in a cutting-edge office, home, or upscale restaurants, the Polo Cologne also evokes some sort of brawn, which might also be expected in poker den or machine shop.   

Nevertheless, make no mistake. The exemplary masculinity of Polo perfumes for men is definitely not a difficult or heavy one. The previously mentioned base notes are said to be counter-balanced through a vibrant and brilliant opening of basil, vetiver, thyme, and artemisia. Furthermore, integrating the fragrance, you will note a reviving flavor of cumin, clove, and coriander.   

So, why is Ralph Lauren’s Polo cologne for men such a highly enduring scent? Since, basically, this mix of sultry aromatics tends to speak with you.

On this, are generations of experienced cologne connoisseurs have discovered their notable strength of scent, custom, and elegance. 

If men still wear cologne in another 40 years, you can expect them to be wearing the best polo cologne for men- the Ralph Lauren cologne.   

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Reviews-Revealing the Best 5 Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men 

The Ralph Lauren designs aren’t just spotless and exemplary, and they are additionally colorful. Outside the fashion world, Ralph Lauren Polo also enjoys incredible success and continuous achievement in the realm of eau de toilette.

For quite a few decades now, Ralph Lauren has been creating Polo colognes and perfumes for men who smell and perform great.   

The following are the best 5 Polo Ralph Lauren cologne for men worth investing for:   

Polo Red Intense  

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Cologne For Men

It was in the year 2015 when this Polo fragrance for men was initially introduced. This cologne was actually the powerful version of Polo Red perfume with a spicy and robust scent.

Top notes of this cologne are lemon, cranberry, saffron white ginger, sage, and coffee. The middle notes are lavender.   

The base notes of this Polo perfume are leather spray, red cedar, and amber. This premium quality cologne suits the individuals who are looking for a cologne that features profiles with darker scent profiles.

Polo Red Intense delivers a longer-lasting combination of wood and spice. This blend isn’t just earthy but sophisticated as well.   

Polo Black  

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men

Polo Black is also one of the best Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne for Men. This product was launched in the year 2005 for the very first time. This was exclusively designed and crafted by the amazing Pierre Negrin. 

The Polo black was a bold and straightforward scent combining sophisticated and exceptional fragrance that can last around one to two hours upon application.

This Ralph Lauren cologne has woody fragrance and with delicate citrus notes offering a clean and fresh feel. This cologne for men was also designed to create some air of class and elegance, therefore, making it one of the best choices for special occasions and events.   

Ralph Lauren Polo Red 

POLO RED by Ralph Lauren

Warm and sweet with most delicate spices are the best words to describe this Polo fragrance for men. The cologne’s scent is strong. The middle and top, as well as base notes of this Polo fragrance for men, include red saffron, hot amber, redwood, red grapefruit, redolent coffee beans, and sage.

This men’s cologne is genuinely refreshing and unique, providing more exciting options for fragrance perfect for any occasion or event.   

This Polo cologne also perfectly works as branded cologne noted for its unique masculine vibe. Furthermore, the soft sillage of this product is noted in its cool feel, a factor that paves the way for creating impressions of warmth and wealth along with some smart twist of intimacy and seduction.   

Polo Blue  

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren Eau De Toilette

This product was introduced in 2002 and known as refreshing and energizing Polo cologne for men and arousing feelings of open sky and rolling fields.

Polo Blue includes notes of melon, basil, verbena, and wash suede along with amber undertones giving off a water scent. The fragrance is one of the factors that set this apart from the rest.   

The casual and cool vibes that this cologne offers are also factors that make this high-quality fragrance. Furthermore, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue boasts airy and light scent making this more suitable for summer afternoons and warm springs.

The straight from shower impression of this cologne makes it ideal for formal occasions and outdoor events.   

Ralph Lauren Polo for Men (Green)  

Polo Eau De Toilette/Cologne Spray By Ralph Lauren for Men

This one got the original fragrance of Polo. Such fragrance was launched in the year 1978 and maintained its spot as one of Ralph Lauren collection’s best scents men. This is one of the best Polo cologne for men that significantly survived the test of time.   

The product is proven and tested, setting the company’s foundation when it comes to the Polo colognes showcased in the Ralph Lauren collection. This Polo perfume for men features the oriental undertones with wood, tobacco, oakmoss, and notes of leather.   

This Ralph Lauren’s Polo Green is perfect for active men in golf courses or offices. The cologne’s fragrance is also an ideal choice for significant events like business meetings, dinner dates, and social functions.   

The Hallmark of this Polo fragrance is a great timeless scent. This is precisely what helps in defining widely known masculine scents since the 70s stemming exclusive fragrances boosting men’s confidence at home and at work as well.

Polo cologne for men provides illustrious scents for modern men, ranging from typical outdoor men to business experts.   

You can now use your learning or the knowledge you have gained about Ralph Lauren colognes for men to make a smart purchasing decision, or the very next time you finally made up your mind to purchase Polo fragrance.   

For a long time, the Ralph Lauren Polo Collection is top-selling men fragrances available today and has highlighted various nice contemporary and classic fragrances.

The original fragrance or scent of these Polo colognes includes more wood-based scents, right to those fragrances that appear to be infused with a greater amount of fascinating Asian impacts and influences.     

The Ralph Lauren perfume selection was formulated having the typical outdoor setting in mind. You can most likely tell as this was named after an English game known as Polo. This line was imagined as a line of colognes made for people who wanted to feel wealthy, respectable, and confident.

Throughout the years, their scents have thoroughly followed contemporary and old woody elements and spices blend. These actually make it more alluring, adventurous, and exciting. Without fragrances, individuals will lose their elegance class.    

Learn More about Ralph Lauren Collection  

For decades, Ralph Lauren cologne and perfumes have been the top choices when it comes to fragrances for men. You have the freedom to choose from the best Polo cologne for men mentioned above. You will never regret doing it because Polo Collection is the most popular collection Ralph Lauren offers.

Their Polo scents are what men need to embrace pure masculinity. The right blends of ingredients are versatile enough, making it easier for men to wear Polo cologne in just any event or occasion. The best Polo cologne for men can add some touch of intrigue into your fragrance with bizarre oriental notes.   

Essential Tips When Buying Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne for Men  

Due to the popularity of the Polo Cologne for Men by Ralph Lauren, many individuals are doing shady works just to imitate Polo colognes and perfumes. That being said, you need to be more cautious when searching and buying the best Polo cologne for men.

When you say the best, it’s the authentic brand only. So make sure to get your product only from a trusted source or supplier. It is only then that you can get products that are of high quality and guaranteed authenticity.   

You can also refer to Ralph Lauren Polo cologne reviews to get an idea of what customers who have made their actual purchases have to say. These reviews reveal their firsthand experiences with the Polo cologne and perfume.

They can help you a lot in making the best choice. Ralph Lauren Polo cologne reviews can usually be accessed online, and these can guide buyers like you in finding the best Polo cologne for men that suits you best.

Read these reviews and reflect on the information you gain before making your final purchase.  Ending only with the best cologne is something that you deserve.  

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